Here's a Very Satisfying but Also Incredibly Sad Video from The Antlers' Peter Silberman

Let's watch loads of explosions in slow motion and contemplate how terrible everything is.
February 24, 2017, 10:59am

This article originally appeared on Noisey UK. 

Anyone who has listened to The Antlers at any point over the last decade will know that Peter Silberman is a master of tension and patience. Taking those same qualities and stripping them back to their bare, contemplative bones—like a sweeter sounding Phil Elevrum—Silberman's debut album Impermanence (which comes out today) documents his experience with a hearing impairment that led him to leave Brooklyn for a secluded setting in upstate New York. Picking up the torch from where The Antlers left off with their last three records, Impermanence looks at universal feeling through a personal lens, unpacking issues of estrangement and destruction that feel particularly pertinent right now.


Below we're premiering "Ahimsa." Silberman compiled the video himself from archival history footage. As a result, we can now all watch flowers blooming at ten times the speed and things exploding in slow motion and contemplate how terrible everything is together.

"In these strange days, it feels like the most far-fetched scenarios and disastrous outcomes have become entirely plausible," Peter tells Noisey, "This video, assembled from two sets of archival footage, was made to express this fear-fatigue that's set in, the exhaustion from reckoning with so many terrifying possibilities"

Watch below.

Impermanence is out today and you can cop it here.

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