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Kwe Parker's Dunk Reel Is Absurd

This dude is bonkers.
September 3, 2014, 11:35pm
via YouTube

Watch this right now. While you watch, here is some information you will soon forget because, holy crap, this is a crazy-good dunk reel: his name is Kwe Parker and he is a 6'2" teenager from Wesleyan Christian Academy with ACME springs for leg muscles. He's part of the 2016 class (read: young) but he's already put together a bonkers dunk reel. Don't think for a second that we use the word "bonkers" lightly here at Vice Sports, this dude is the truth.


Watch the whole thing, it's only two minutes for crissakes, but the dunk at 1:42 is a masterpiece. It's fluid and strong and filthy.

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