Mastodon Guitarist Arrives At Grammy Awards Dressed As Adrian Gonzalez
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Mastodon Guitarist Arrives At Grammy Awards Dressed As Adrian Gonzalez

Inexplicable things happen at the Grammy Awards every year. Still, Mastodon's Brent Hinds rocking a Dodgers road uniform on the red carpet was unexpected.
February 9, 2015, 3:55am

.@mastodonmusic are in the running for most interesting attire at the #GRAMMYs
— billboard (@billboard) February 8, 2015

It's hard to say why anything that happens at the Grammy Awards happens, at least beyond the tautology that "this is the Grammy Awards, and so naturally this ridiculous thing would happen there." Even by the standards of awards shows—which are a sort of formal dress/open bar version of the Stanford Prison Experiment—the Grammys are weird. On Sunday, for instance, the Grammy for Best Metal Performance went to Tenacious D, which is less a metal band than a comedy sketch that has some guitar solos and refuses to end.

This is weird, but this is also just the Grammys being the Grammys. If you want a real Grammys mystery, we'll refer you to Mastodon guitarist Brent Hinds arriving at the event wearing a meticulously fitted Los Angeles Dodgers road uniform.

#Grammys2015 #RedCarpet fashion?? hmmmm#mastodon @alschaben
— Cindy Hively (@cindyhively) February 8, 2015

While Hinds looks kind of like Justin Turner in these photos, Adrian Gonzalez is the Dodgers player that presently wears number 23. How the guitarist for an Atlanta-based band came to get a Dodgers road uniform is a mystery we're not likely to see solved tonight—perhaps he borrowed it from a former Dodgers 23? Casey Blake, maybe? Eric Karros? Enos Cabell? Whatever it is, it's not likely to be more confounding than Tenacious D beating Mastodon for this award. But credit where it's due to the Grammys, and Hinds, for continuing to keep it inexplicable.