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18 "Tree-Like" Colored Glass Sculptures Form Colorado's Newest Light Installation

Artist Ivan Toth Depeña has created a permanent public art installation that harnesses light from the sun (and LEDs at night) to illuminate this Colorado train station.

For centuries, artists and scientists alike have contemplated the emotional responses produced by the color spectrum; Russian artist and color theorist Wassily Kandinsky influenced the practices of artists including Georgia O'Keefe and Alfred Stieglitz with his original contemplations on color theory. In the Green Lantern comic canon, beyond the verdant color of its namesake, different hues on the emotional spectrum correspond to entire pantheons of good and evil. It's no surprise that brands manipulate colors to influence the psychologies of their consumers; its just one of their best kept secrets.


One Colorado train station has been treated to an entire spectrum of refracted light with a new permanent public art installation that uses colored glass, the sun's rays, and LEDs at night to bathe the local landscape in constantly evolving colors. Color Field, the latest commission from Charlotte, NC, and Miami, FL-based artist Ivan Toth Depeña, features 18 "tree-like," algorithmically-created colored glass structures that take color theory to a 24-hour-long zenith.

Says artist Toth Depeña, "I want the sculpture to change constantly and to have a direct relationship with the landscape and the solar system […] Color Field will not be the same in the morning as it will be in the afternoon. It will not be the same this week as it will be next month, etc…" Below, a short video of Color Fields in action:

Commissioned by RTD FasTracks, with help from the town of Lakewood, Colorado, Color Fields is an experiment in applied color theory that has us aching for some time away in the great outdoors. Below, more images of Ivan Toth Depeña's Color Fields:

To learn more, visit Ivan Toth Depeña's website.


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