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Africa's Light Pollution-Free Natural Wonders Make a Gorgeous 4K Timelapse

Filmmaker Maciej Tomków journeyed to Namibia and Botswana to find a world untouched by human expansion.
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Far from any city, power plant, or streetlamp, filmmaker Maciej Tomków journeyed to the Kalahari Desert in Botswana and Namibia, capturing one of the last great untouched natural landscapes in the world. Not only are there no large settlements nearby Tomków's setting is almost completely free of light pollution, allowing him to capture one of the most pristine visions of the night sky in the world. His new film, Undisturbed Places, expertly frames crystal clear stars with Africa's exotic landscapes and plant life in four minutes of truly wowing footage.


Over the course of a monthlong expedition organized by Safra-Go, Tomków captured two terabytes of stunning timelapse footage. "These are places in the world where stars are the only source of light," he tells The Creators Project. "Their singularity is breathtaking, inclines to reflection, and becomes the root of inspiration. Places like that are usually unspoiled, natural and intact. These are the places where humans live in symbiosis with nature."

Aside from the ethereal beauty of the sky, Tomków and his fellow travelers saw their fair share of earthly delights, including casually chilling out with lions, elephants, and zebras, which you can see in the Undisturbed Places making-of video. Watch Undisturbed Places in full below.

See more of Maciej Tomków's work on on Vimeo.


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