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Coming Soon?: Europe’s First Digital and Physical Art Museum

A Swiss nonprofit is hard at work crowdfunding the Museum of Digital Arts.
June 17, 2015, 4:30pm
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A nonprofit based out of Zurich plans to open the Museum of Digital Art (MuDA). The Digital Arts Association is currently crowdfunding to help raise the future institution's lobby construction fees. Developers with the association are looking to create an open environment wherein science and creativity can converge, "without corporate or political agendas," according to MuDA's Kickstarter.

MuDA seeks to open up discussions around technology’s impacts on society, and the roles it will play in the future. Accessibility seems to be a major selling point for the developing museum: “[MuDA] will have a virtual presence, on pretty much every screen connected to the internet. And a physical presence in the ground floor of the first high rise building of Zurich, Switzerland,” the campaign explains. The museum will hold three exhibitions per year, with artists including Eugene Krivoruchko and Andreas Gysin, both of whom will be involved in the museum's early shows. Exhibitions will include free tours, workshops, and panel discussions, all with the hopes of involving younger generations in the ongoing discussion.

The Kickstarter campaign has 21 more days to reach $100,000. If fulfilled, MuDA plans to open its doors in January 2016. Check out the campaign page here to learn more.


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