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[Summer Break of the Future] Incredible Architectural Sandcastles

Your upside-down bucket houses will be put to shame when you see Calvin Seibert's beachside masterpieces.
July 9, 2015, 8:30pm
Images courtesy of Calvin Seibert. 

Architectural and analytical precision unite in "sanditectural" genius Calvin Seibert's geometric sandcastle masterpieces. Seibert takes his inspiration from architects like Marcel Breuer, Kenzo Tange, and Gottfried Bohm, and his work has brought him to the beaches of Hawaii, New York, and Long Island. "I always had an affinity for architecture which I attribute to growing up in a neighborhood and town that was constantly under construction,” Seibert tells The Creators Project. “Our house was the first on the block," he explains. "I think that in a way I was more interested in the abstractness of the foundations and the initial framing then in the completed structures themselves.” It was this inclincation for architecture which subsequently led Seibert into the gritty sandcastle business.


When Seibert actually embarks on a new sculpture, he relies on on-the-spot inventions, letting the sand take him where it will. “I rarely start with a plan,” he explains. “Just a vague notion of trying to accomplish something different each time. Once I begin building and forms start to take shape I can start to see where things are going and either follow that road or attempt to contradict it with something unexpected.”

See a few of Seibert's elaborate sandcastle designs, below:

Seibert Sand Castle.JPG
Seibert sandcastle 1.jpg

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