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13 Must-See Artists at NADA New York

NADA New York supplies an art fair model that’s for us, by us.
Marie Vic at Stems Gallery. All photos by the author.

During the micro-cyclone of art shows, apocalyptic ferry rides, and island-induced mental breakdowns of Frieze Week in New York, there is a small voice in our heads helping us along the way, whispering: Just hold on, you’re coming home. Yes, that voice is Drake, and yes, he’s speaking to you over the PA system at Basketball City, the actually-accessible East River pier that’s home to the New Art Dealers Association art fair this weekend, where all your friends are waiting.


NADA’s mission has always been to bring the young and independent art galleries, those who may not be able to afford Frieze or Armory booth prices, together under one roof, highlighting emerging artists before their big break. The booths are small but social, where gallerists and artists are in it together—taking shifts, spilling over into each other's spaces, connecting with neighbors. It’s not uncommon to get in a conversation while looking at piece, and soon realize you’re talking to the artist behind it. And then, minutes later, see them out on the patio, covered in tin foil and playing a steel drum, as was the case for artist Tyson Reeder who made a series of limited edition art basketballs in tribute to the venue.

COLD STEEL @n1ght_school #nadany2016 #nadapresents #openingday

A video posted by @newartdealers on May 5, 2016 at 4:58pm PDT

A performance by Tyson Reeder  

Unlike most art fairs, NADA doesn’t feel like an art fair at all. It’s leisurely and inviting, more like an open house after a long summer at art camp. If you didn't have friends here before, you will once you leave. It’s a welcome mecca after the long journey of art week, and NADA gives us the atmosphere, music, and art that’s truly for us, by us.

Meet some new friends from NADA NYC:

Timo Saber at Schmidt & Handrup

Dave Hardy at Regina Rex

Jan-Ole Schiemann at Mier Gallery

Jennifer Chan at ltd. Los Angeles

Grear Patterson at Rod Bianco Gallery

Jose Lerma at Roberto Paradise

Aïda Ruilova at Marlborough Chelsea

Kate Bonner at et al. Gallery

Rachel Rossin at Signal Gallery

Phillip Ashley at The Pit Gallery

John Dante Bianchi at Galerie Derouillon

Peter Saul and Clayton Bailey at The Landing

Alex Chitty at Patron

NADA New York will be on view at Basketball City through Sunday, May 8, 2016.


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