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Finally: A Documentary on Female Graffiti Artists

For the past three years, Alexandra Henry has traveled the world filming and interviewing an all-female group of graffiti stars.
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A subculture of female graffiti artists has long pursued their art under dangerous and illegal conditions without receiving the same respect as their male counterparts—and they’re sick of it. Now, a new documentary currently seeking funding through Kickstarter is providing a platform and focusing the mainstream spotlight upon 26 women artists. Street Heroines, helmed by director and producer Alexandra Henry, covers over three years of careful observation and filmmaking. Every female subject is as diverse as her work, from the boroughs of New York to Sao Paolo to Japan.


The documentary has the potential to offer an inside look at the true nature of the graffiti community for female artists, all over the globe. At the center of the film is the concept of a “Boys Club” dominating the graffiti world: “I don’t want to be recognized purely for being a woman or for my beauty, or for my body,” says Brazilian artist, Magrela. “I want to be known for what my art has to say.”

For most of the women, purpose and drive to create across accessible, urban spaces easily eclipses the perilous nature of graffiti art. “The street chews you up and spits you out,” shares Fusca, a graffiti artist from Mexico. “So you have to become familiar with the nature of working in the street if you want to make it.” Check out some stills, as well as the film's trailer, below:

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View more information on Street Heroines, and donate to the Kickstarter campaign, here.


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