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An NYC Candymaker Is Putting Famous Art Inside Lollipops

How many licks does it take to get to the center of an 18th century masterpiece?
Images courtesy of LIQ NYC

NYC-based candy outlet LIQ NYC encases nearly everything under the sun—including the solar system itself—inside saccharine lollipops. Swirling visuals of marbleized cat eyes and galaxy tableaus dazzle inside hard candies that dissolve into new patterns with a few licks. The creative candy mastermind, Naressa LaRosa, runs a thriving online shop on Etsy, where lovers of art and candy can rejoice in the opportunity to purchase candied geodes, planetary bodies, and other niche-culture treasures, like movie monsters.


Larosa, who likes to think of herself as the “Willy Wonka of Brooklyn (minus the creep factor),” spoke with The Creators Project about the booming success of her candy business: “LIQ initially [started] as a hobby and after a year of burned candies and late nights I perfected my craft… Since it was just me producing the candies it was a shock. I was both excited and scared but pulled all-nighters (like 24 hours with no sleep) in order to get my orders fulfilled. Seeing the amount of orders and the positive feedback gave me the confidence that I could really do this.”

“Being a nerd myself,” LaRosa continues. “I wanted to produce candies that would appeal to nerd culture. I wanted to create candies that were smart, fun and delicious. Since my Etsy shop has opened I have had the opportunity to work on a lot of big projects with great people.  I am anxious for the holidays to come so I can introduce more fun and unique candies for my old and new supporters.”

Find more offerings from LIQ NYC as well as purchase some artistic treats of your on Larosa's diverse Etsy page, here.


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