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Step Inside A 5,000 Square Foot Rainbow

T8 fluorescent bulbs and cellulose gels created this installation's chromatic effect.
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For one dark and dreary January weekend, the fourth floor in Castlefield Gallery’s New Art Spaces Federation House was converted into a giant immersive rainbow of light. Titled Your Colour Perception, the installation overloaded the 5000-square-foot space with artificial chromatic light created from T8 fluorescent bulbs and cellulose gels.

Artist Liz West wanted to examine the ways we perceive and experience color. “This work utilises the darkness outside to raise the strength of the illumination and colouration in the work,” she writes. “Using this enormous space to install a light work in the darkest winter months allowed the colour to bleed with more saturation than if displayed any other time of the year.”


Get lost inside the artist’s largest site-specific installation to date:

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