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Watch 550 Marbles Freak Out in This Stop-Motion Music Video

Christophe Thockler's new music video for Victoria + Jean will make you lose your marbles.
February 6, 2015, 7:10pm

GIFs by Sami Emory, via

15,000 individual photos, 550 marbles, and one old television later, "Firecracker," video artist Christophe Thockler’s second production for Swedish rock duet Victoria+Jean, is a visually manipulated whirlwind of glassy globes and stop-motion madness. As with "Why Won’t You," his first video for the band, "Firecracker" is an abstract audiovisual treat; a fast-paced testament to Thockler’s photographic skills and eye for animation.


Thockler describes his newest video as “an explosion of lights and a kinetic whirlpool of reflexions.” Like an IRL edition of Snake or a possessed game of pool, marbles zip across the plain black backdrop, seemingly of their own accord. As Victoria’s amplified crooning heightens into pulsing lyrics, the marbles multiply, eclipsing a crackling TV monitor and filling the frame with crystalline globes of light. This marble madness continues at a breakneck pace straight through the final ring of Jean’s guitar.

Check out "Firecracker" and some moments from the video below:

Victoria+Jean - Firecracker from DaBrainkilla on Vimeo.

Images Courtesy of Christophe Thockler

Take a gander at more Christophe Thockler’s video art here and rock out to the rest of Victoria+Jean’s first album, Divine Love, on their website.


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