Two Kids Made 357 Original Gaming Cards

Their parents couldn’t afford Pokémon cards, so these kids made their own.
February 27, 2016, 2:45pm
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I was about 10 years old before it even occurred to me that binders could contain anything but gaming cards. They’re a ubiquitous part of childhood, but they’re also pretty pricey. But with a bit of imagination and a whole lot of budding talent, two kid brothers made 357 unique cards of their own. A decade later, user one23abc posted them to Reddit. We talked to one23abc, who prefers to go by his Reddit handle.


“Each deck had somewhere between 44 and 59 cards, the amount wasn't regulated or anything, we just stopped when we felt like we had enough,” he tells The Creators Project. "A lot of time was spent coming up with creative names and attack effects which were unique, fun to use and not too overpowered."

"One of the decks is based off fairy tails, with cards such as Pig #1, Pig #2, and Pig #3 (the three little pigs), The Giant, The Big Bad Wolf, Humpty Dumpty, The Prince, etc.,” writes one23abc. "There's a card called Sluggy, whose description is 'This slug has been on TV'— I don't know the character though. One creature looks a bit like the giant fish balloon from the Powerpuff Girls cartoon. Aside from these, pretty much every card came from our own imaginations."


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