Belgium's First 360° Music Video Nails It

Faces on TV's new video for "Traveling Blind" is a new media rollercoaster.
June 3, 2016, 1:15pm
Images courtesy the artist

We're reaching the point where 360° music videos are becoming a normal part of the industry ecosystem, spreading from progressive acts like Squarepusher to mainstream mainstays like The Weeknd. But they're still new enough that it's quite a pleasure to see especially well-executed uses of the medium. That's what you get in Victor Van Rossem's laid-back new video for Belgian rock outfit Faces on TV, "Traveling Blind." The visuals for the band's third single is a playful exploration of New Aesthetic-y landscapes, characters, and atmospheres. It's a cocktail of surreal and hyperreal imagery that zooms over rugged CGI mountains, through 3D-generated canyons, and inside clouds of abstract polygons.


Van Rossem, who also directed visuals for Faces on TV's other two singles, says "Traveling Blind" is Belgium's first official 360° music video. "Yes, [it's a] small country, running a tad behind," he jokes. Rossem does his country proud, offering a refreshing jaunt through impossible, and at times, explosive, scenery. One of the most important things in any VR video is that it be satisfying no matter where you're looking, and Van Rossem does that with aplomb. Run through "Traveling Blind" a few times below, and check out the variety of sights and experiences it offers.

See more of Victor Van Rossem's work on his website. Lisen to more Faces on TV here.


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