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Doodles Come to Life on a Giant Face

The new stop motion animation from Montreal based artist collective En Masse, explores the intersection of sculpture, painting, and film in the new stop animation short.
October 9, 2015, 4:25pm

The black-and-white murals from the Montreal-based collaborative En Masse look like notebook doodles made extravagant. Their latest project, EN MASSE x VISAGE, sees the melding of artists working across a variety of mediums to harmonize artistically right in front of your eyes like a barbershop quartet.

The self described, “highly spontaneous, multi-artist collaborative” was captured through in jittery stop-motion animation by filmmakers Salman Sajun and Brian Tornay. Painters from the crew create a series of patterns on top of a large sculpture of a human face. The resulting video animates their crisp, street art-infused graphics with a beautiful yet chaotic synchronicity.


The group aims to create works of art conceived with a collective vision, executed by the group, as a means to create something greater than anything one person could create alone. Salman Sajun shared with The Creators Project some behind-the-scenes images of the shoot, which you can check out below:

 Images courtesy of Salman Sajun.  

More from En Masse here. And follow new works from Salman Sajun on his website.


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