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Looking Down at Geometric Cow Farms in Kansas

Bernhard Lang's aerial photos reveal the rural beauty of the Midwest from above.
Images courtesy the artist

Bernhard Lang is looking down on you from 750 feet above the ground. The German photographer has been taking aerial photos from helicopters and planes since 2010, for a collection titled Aerial Views.

“Basically the perspective you choose plays an essential role for the statement of a photo,” Lang explains to The Creators Project. “The elevated perspective shows us the environment out of a view which is not the common one. Things look different from above. This perspective might display the impact of the humans on the environment more evident than seen from the ground. There is the formal ‘beauty’ or an ‘pleasant order’ on one hand, and on the other the transformation (or destruction) of original nature.”


We’ve seen Lang’s work before in his lighter, more cheerful photos of Monaco’s beaches. His most recent works take on a more desolate viewpoint from Kansas cattle farms and circular irrigation farms, highlighting the "antagonism of 'pleasant order' on one hand, and on the other, the transformation of the original nature,” says Lang. His works bring to mind social themes related to food industries, depleted earth patterns, and demystifying notions of the terms of organic.

Aerial Views is currently being cataloged as a series of fine art prints. You can view all of his diverse perspectives on his website here, and look at his most recent work in Kansas below:

See more of Bernhard Lang's work on his website.


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