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This Morphing Fractal Forest Is Beautiful

Julius Horsthuis will take you on an animated stroll through an ever-changing fractal forest in 'Where Forests Are...'.
March 25, 2015, 6:15pm
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A lush fractal forest comes to life in Juilius Horthuis's video experiment Where Forests Are.., part of a string of increasingly mesmerizing and poetic takes on the natural world. He's built caves, planets, and even a fractal universe in his previous animations, but Where Forests Are… is what he describes as "a fractal haiku." The transitions between vivid green landscapes, earthy brown pillars, alien red outcroppings and, finally, shiny white light is an emotional journey set against the track, "I Have Begun My Ascent" by Jessica Curry. Horthuis's other projects include a fractalized vision of Holland landmarks called Dutch, and upcoming explorations into virtual reality.

See more of Julius Horsthuis' work on his Vimeo page.


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