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Recreate Star Wars Scenes IRL With Just A Few Toys, Childlike Sense Of Wonder

Oh hey, Millenium Falcon.
January 16, 2014, 8:00pm

Proving you're never too old to totally go bananas over awesome toys, Finnish artist Vesa Lehtimäki (aka Avanaut) recently borrowed his son’s Star Wars figurines to bring the film's imaginary universe into the Scandinavian countryside. First photographing the toys, Lehtimäki then photoshopped them into to the local landscape:

As Lehtimäki mentioned in his interview with Wired, he began the project as a way to relive his childhood fantasies IRL. “Two of the great moments of my childhood were the first two original Star Wars movies,” says Lehtimäki. “As a kid I wanted to become a movie director. I made some Super 8 movies but it did not work out that well...With my photography, I’m revisiting an unfulfilled career path, I guess. With the attached little stories my photos are like tiny one-frame movie scene. And I get to direct Star Wars!”

via BeautifulDecay