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[Video Premiere] Projection Mapping And Robots Combine In Bot & Dolly's New Film

3D technology innovation foreshadows the future of movie making.

With Box, the short film released today by production house Bot & Dolly, never-before-seen robot-powered projection mapping on moving objects is revealed. In Box (above) a performer engages with a morphing set, as a flat panel transforms into a cube, and then a graphic world where shapes bend and blend and teleport across the stage. Eventually its revealed that a robotic mechanism is hidden behind every illusion.


As demonstrated in the film premiere above, this technique uses their state of the art robotic camera systems "Iris" and "Scout", which allows for millimeter precision of the robot arms. The team has pioneered the use of robots that are normally used for manufacturing vehicles, and instead developed software to interface the robots in 3D system Maya. Specializing in automation, robotics, and filmmaking, Bot & Dolly's technology puts robotics directly in the hands of creators. Designed to control camera movement, activate lights, and shift set pieces with ever-repeatable motion, this precision allows the virtual and physical worlds to unite and CG elements to match in real time. Not limited to film, their motion control advances have applications in live performance, experiential installations, and architecture.

Box is the culmination of multiple technologies, including large-scale robotics, projection mapping, and software engineering. Bot & Dolly's technology is an integrated software/ hardware platform providing innovative control of 6-axis industrial robots.

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Below, watch a blank canvas transform into a box using live projection mapping.

Bot & Dolly

All music courtesy of Keith Ruggiero.