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Arcade Fire's Win Butler Wins NBA Celebrity MVP, Talks Politics, Is Immediately Cut Off

There's no room for politics in sports!

Apparently there's no place for politics in sports. Nope. That whole Jackie Robinson thing wasn't politics, nor John Carlos and Tommie Smith raising their fists at the 1968 Summer Olympics, nor Black September's act of terrorism at the 1972 Summer Olympics, and that Muhammad Ali guy was just a boxer and never really said much else. So why start with the politics in sports now?

After putting up an impressive 15-point performance for Canada in the NBA All Star Celebrity game, Arcade Fire's 6'4" lead singer Win Butler—who played varsity ball at his alma mater Phillips Exeter and once beat San Antonio Spur Matt Bonner in a three-point contest—made a statement about how Canadians have it good when it comes to health care. Butler's speech, however, was promptly shut down by ESPN's Sage Steele.

"Thank you, I just want to say that it's an election year in the US," Butler started before getting the ESPN bumper music dropped on him, "the US has a lot they can learn from Canada: healthcare, taking care of people, and I think …"

Steele then cut him off, all smiles and desperation, saying, "so we're talking about celebrities and not politics. Congratulations on your MVP!"

Butler is a resident of Montreal, but an American citizen, clearly concerned with the state of U.S. healthcare—fair to say that his leanings are left. Only question now is if he's a Bernie man or a Hilary guy? (I think I have a clue.) Too bad Steele wouldn't let us find out for certain.