Well, This High School Hockey Brawl Escalated Quickly

Doesn't seem like the refs had much hand in anything.
March 10, 2017, 11:08pm

Ridley vs cv west
— Jason Peters (@jasonp014) March 10, 2017

Apparently teen angst is reaching new heights in today's political climate, as two Philadelphia-area high school teams took fists to each others' faces like a baker to dough, causing the game to be called early. Central Bucks West and Ridley faced each other in Thursday night's Class 2A quarterfinals for the Flyers Cup, and something went amiss, as a brawl spread across the ice and even made its way into the stands.

According to the local paper Intelligencer, the game was called with Central Bucks West up 7-1 and 7:12 left in the third period because things simply got too heated. Chalk that up maybe—just maybe—to the accumulated 50 penalties that the refs called and a healthy dose of penalty box shit talk.

Even a player who already had been sent to the locker room and two spectators made their way out onto the ice to join in—if briefly. Police were called, and they had to haul a Ridley coach back into the locker room. No arrests were made, but an investigation was opened.

And, in case you were curious about some kind of sport happening amidst the melee, the game was ruled a forfeit victory for Central Bucks West; Ridley agreed to do so, as the referees technically couldn't call the game. Doesn't seem like the refs had much hand in anything, to be fair.