Norwegian Cycling Officials Accuse Qatari Policeman of Intentionally Hitting Female Cyclist With Car

The cyclist also insinuated that she was hit deliberately because she was wearing shorts.
November 18, 2016, 9:21pm

La norvégienne Susanne Andersen a été renversée - volontairement ? - par un policier lors des mondiaux à Doha.
— Le Gruppetto (@LeGruppetto) November 16, 2016

Norwegian junior cyclist Susanne Andersen was riding back to her hotel in Doha, Qatar after winning bronze in the women's junior road race in the 2016 UCI Road Cycling World Championships, when a policeman hit her with his car. The incident left the 18-year-old cut, bruised, and shaken up, but not seriously injured.


Now, according to TV2 Norway, The Norwegian Cycling Federation has accused the Doha policeman of deliberately running over Andersen.

"I am convinced that it was a deliberate action by the policeman who drove right into Susanne," Norwegian Cycling Federation sports manager Hans Falk told TV2 (via Cycling Weekly's translation).

"There were no skid marks, and he showed no empathy. Instead he lit a cigarette and talked on the phone oblivious to the girl who was lying on the ground and screamed."

Andersen felt that the reason was clear, insinuating that the policeman's motivation came from the fact that she was wearing shorts that bared her legs in the traditionalist city.

"We were told that it is not unusual for women with bare legs (to be harassed) because it is considered to be controversial clothing," she said.

Falk also explained that they were advised not to issue a report at the time.

"We were urged not to report the matter to the police in case we were not allowed to leave the country. We thought it was best that Susanne came home before the case took a more serious turn."

Falk added, "we cannot compete in such countries."