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Soccer Ref Pulls Out Gun During Red Card Dispute in Brazil

A referee in Brazil pulled a gun on a manager after a dispute over a red card got physical.
September 29, 2015, 2:29pm

Referee Gabriel Murta is facing disciplinary action for pulling a gun during a regional league match in Brumadinho, Brazil. Murta, believed to be a police officer, was officiating a match between the home side Brumadinho and Amantes da Bol. During the match, several Amantes players were angered by a non call by Murta that the team believed should have resulted in a red card. The manager and subs invaded the pitch during the discussion.

At some point, the league said Murta was apparently hit and, according to Referees' association head Giuliano Bozzano, Murta went off to get his gun to protect himself.

(And then came back onto the field holding the gun and gesturing wildly.)

Murta, who was thankfully restrained from doing anything especially insane, is scheduled to undergo psychological evaluation and could face a lifetime ban.