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This Sea Iguana Escaping a Pack of Snakes Is So Awesome

This video from the 'Planet Earth II' series will leave you feeling exhilarated.

Amazing footage: a hatchling sea iguana makes a run for its life to the safety of the shore, but will it escape the runner snakes?
— Rob S⬅︎Silver Surfer (@RobPulseNews) November 6, 2016

Planet Earth II is back and that's excellent news for you, your weed dealer, and local takeout spots. It won't be broadcast in the States until the end of January, but it's already premiered across the pond and we're starting to see clips trickle out like this one, which is nothing short of epic. And not like "epic party, bro" epic, I mean a fucking bathed-in-sunlight-Gandalf-leading-the-cavalry-down-the-mountainside epic. You will find yourself cheering out loud for this little lizard, and he will reward you for being the sort of person who wants to see the good guys win. Which is to say, this is sports as shit.

It is actually a sea iguana hatchling being dogged by snakes, so it is learning a life lesson very early on: snakes are bad guys. They are creepy as hell, somehow move around without any feet, and they want to eat you. I don't want to spoil the fun for you because it really is an exhilarating clip that hits all those dramatic good-vs.-evil notes perfectly. There is the calm start, but danger looms. Left without any options, our hero makes a mad dash to escape, only to be outnumbered and captured, and certain death awaits. But then: a twist!

It's obviously very well produced, and looks and sounds cinematic, but also: it wasn't scripted or filmed against a green screen. It actually happened in real life. Just like sports.