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Rays Rookie Celebrates First Home Run All by Himself

And then everyone else.
August 5, 2015, 11:50pm

In just his second MLB appearance ever, Tampa Bay Rays rookie Richie Shaffer drilled an oppo blast over the fence, and had no one to celebrate with but himself.

The fans seemed pumped, but upon arrival in the dugout, his teammates pulled the ol' Ignore the Rookie move on him. Like a true champ, Shaffer decided to dish out high-fives, hugs, and fist bumps to a lineup of imaginary friends. His fellow Rays looked like assholes until the gig was up and pulled him into their fake huddle.

Gotta haze a rookie somehow. Little did they realize they simply gave him an opportunity to look like a boss—the man is probably receiving recruitment letters from mime colleges across the world at this point. But since it was only his second MLB game ever, I'd suggest he stick with baseball a bit longer.