Monthly Horoscope: Gemini, September 2018
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Monthly Horoscope: Gemini, September 2018

It's time to take an honest look at some things, Gemini.
illustrated by Nicole Ginelli
August 30, 2018, 8:37pm

You’re a busy person, Gemini, especially on September 3, when Mercury and Venus mingle and put you in a super flirty and social mood! Hanging out at home all day isn't really your thing, but it's Virgo season now, and the Sun is lighting up the domestic sector of your chart, shifting your focus to home and family. This is a fantastic time to energetically cleanse your home, and on an emotional level, you'll find yourself exploring themes concerning privacy, security, safety, and boundaries.


Virgo is a sign that likes to be organized—is your home life in order? Do you and your roommates communicate well? Is your space a place you can retreat to and unwind? Does your family respect your privacy? Your ruling planet, Mercury, enters Virgo on September 5, bringing a boost of energy around communicating about these issues.

A fantastic shift around an emotionally-charged issue arrives when Mercury, Uranus, and Saturn align on September 7—you're breaking free from the past while still enjoying plenty of support! Just watch out for confusion, especially (again) around home and family. No one can sort out these issues but you, so make time to reflect and work on them.

A fresh start concerning your home and private life arrives with the new moon in Virgo on September 9, which also coincides with Venus’s entry into Scorpio. New moon energy asks us to stay present, Gemini, something you often have trouble doing because your mind is always racing and planning two steps ahead. However, you're feeling pangs of nostalgia during Virgo season. It's OK to honor the past—just don't forget about living in the present! As an air sign, breathing exercises can feel like a natural way for you to get grounded and feel the moment—look some up and try them during this new moon.

Getting into a new wellness routine is also a great idea, with Venus in Scorpio encouraging you to transform your daily routines to make them more conducive to your sense of everyday harmony. Venus in Scorpio is also a wonderful time to edit your closet and hit the spa. And while Venus is in Scorpio, don’t be surprised if you bump into a crush while you run your errands!


Mars enters fellow air sign Aquarius on September 10, putting you in a more adventurous mood than you've been in the past few weeks. This summer, due to Mars retrograde, you may have found that it was impossible to move forward around an issue concerning school, travel, or publishing—but now that Mars is back in inventive Aquarius, you'll find a way to move forward! Just be sure to watch out for September 18, when Mars squares off with Uranus to bring impulsivity, surprises and hot tempers…but these issues are not new for you, since they concern themes you encountered back on August 1.

September 11 and 12 are two absolutely potent days to mark on your calendar this month, thanks to an alignment between the Sun, Jupiter, and Pluto—three powerful, expansive, transformative energies are coming together to lift you out of emotional patterns that no longer serve you. Amazing help can come to you on these days if you ask for it. A routine that no longer works for you will shift, thanks to Venus’s opposition to Uranus on September 12. Commitments and plans are in the air due to Venus’s connection with Saturn on September 12, as well, but hold off on agreeing to anything permanent since your ruling planet Mercury will oppose the planet of fantasy and delusion, Neptune, on September 13—people aren’t thinking clearly, so give things a few days. On September 15, Mercury will connect with power planet Pluto, giving you the inside scoop you need to move forward.


The Sun meets Mercury in Virgo on September 20, encouraging an important conversation at home, and a big change in energy arrives as Mercury enters Libra on September 21. The Sun enters Libra on the day of the autumnal equinox, September 22, finding you in an especially creative, flirtatious, and fun mood. Libra season is all about having a good time for you, Gemini!

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Just watch out for bad moods as Mercury squares off with Saturn on September 23, followed by the Sun squaring off with Saturn on September 25. Saturn is the grumpiest planet, so rejection is in the air—people aren’t feeling open-minded or they won’t have a sense of humor. Avoid planning a cute date, an important business meeting, or asking for a favor at this time. It might feel confusing since things are happening quickly due to Mercury's connection with Mars on September 23, but it's better to focus on getting your work done rather than trying to partner with people. As Libra season progresses, more fun and flirtation will come your way.

The full moon in Aries arrives on September 24, bringing a big climax to a situation that’s been brewing in your social life. You’ll see things concerning your love life and your creative pursuits more clearly, and drama will come to light in your friend circle or within the groups, communities, and organizations you belong to.

Powerful changes are made this month, Gemini, and the fact is that you’re just not interested in petty bullshit (which, let’s be honest, is unusual for you—petty is your middle name), so when your friends, lovers, or associates bring up something petty during this full moon, you truly do not care. Deeper things are going on, and that’s where your focus lies, especially as Pluto ends its retrograde on September 30. Good luck this month, Gemini, and see you in October!