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Monthly Horoscope: Pisces July 2019

Welcome to Cancer season, dear Pisces!
June 30, 2019, 9:47pm

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Cancer season is one of the cutest times of year for you, dear Pisces, as the sun lights up the sector of your chart that rules celebration, romance, creativity, and fertility! But this isn't a typical Cancer season—there are two big eclipses and a Mercury retrograde! Big shake-ups are here, and you may lose some friends, discover secrets, and see major changes in power—however, if you believe in destiny, know this: Eclipses are meant to wipe away what's not working to make room for better things that take us closer to our true path. It's a heavy energy; but you're especially energized to handle your responsibilities and get organized for the changes to come as Mars enters proud fire sign Leo on July 1. This will give you the boost you need to power through your day job and stay on top of your goals concerning health and wellness.

  • Wipe out what’s not working in your life, and honor those endings with this coffin shaped Death Tarot bath bomb, based on the tarot card of transformation.
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The solar eclipse in fellow water sign Cancer arrives on July 2, which will be major for your love life and creative endeavors, but you have to let go of the past if you want new opportunities to arrive. The chance to experience a soulmate connection is here, and a brilliant new cycle in creativity is beginning. Pisces are known for their love of partying, and this eclipse could find you attending a very important celebration. Be smart about who you spend time with—control issues pop up during eclipses, and celebrations can turn sour very quickly if people are not responsible.

Luckily, Venus enters Cancer on July 3, bringing blessings to your love life and allowing creative inspiration to flow. Love, beauty, and money planet Venus in Cancer finds you feeling especially flirtatious, and being around people who can make you laugh is your number one priority. Just watch out for scheduling snafus when Mercury begins its retrograde in Leo on July 7—your schedule will get all mixed up! Now isn't a good time to plan important trips, make big purchases, settle into commitments, or sign contracts. Mercury rules communication and commerce, and while it's retrograde, it's best to avoid doing new things and focus on issues we've had to put on the back burner. Delays and miscommunications abound, so slow down, relax, and keep your calendar flexible.

  • Heading out to a party but want to avoid eclipse complications? Carry a clear quartz with you in this intention necklace to let open communication flow.
  • This summery journal can be a reminder to keep an open mind and be flexible when making plans and scheduling.


Venus connects with Uranus in Taurus and Mercury retrograde meets Mars in Leo on July 8, creating a dynamic energy—just watch out for tempers! Sweet Venus's connection with rebellious Uranus brings exciting conversations your way and finds you experimenting with things that are unexpectedly delightful! But you're also craving your space—being crowded is a turn off, and as Mercury meets Mars, you're attempting to power through tasks, which isn't easy during Mercury retrograde!

You're feeling the weight of your responsibilities as the sun opposes Saturn on July 9—a grumpy energy is in the air. Connecting with your friends may be more difficult than usual, and a blow to your ego may also arrive. The energy is hard and heavy, but things ease up as the sun connects with your ruling planet Neptune, which is currently in your sign, bringing you a boost in creativity and flexibility. The obstacles struck by the sun and Saturn's opposition won't seem so insurmountable by this time—just watch out for unexpected tempers as Mars squares off with Uranus on July 11. An unexpected piece of news also arrives. Things get intense once more as the sun opposes Pluto on July 14, stirring up big egos and control issues, so watch out for shady or manipulative behavior. People are showing you who they really are—believe them.

  • Feeling wires cross and tempers flare? This ritual stone diffuser can have a calming effect in the spaces where you need it most.
  • When you’re craving your space and it feels more difficult than usual to connect with friends, some alone time at the spa can give you a much-needed break.
  • Cleansing the energy in your home is a wonderful way to reground yourself in your most private space.


The lunar eclipse in Capricorn arrives on July 16, revealing big secrets and creating a massive shift in power, especially in your social life. Losing friends? You hate to see it…but it happens, and this eclipse asks you to cut ties with people who no longer need to be in your life. A critical culmination takes place during this eclipse that will alter the course of your life, specifically concerning who you connect yourself with, and your hopes and dreams for the future. This is a potent eclipse for activism and connecting with people who share your values. You might be shocked to discover what some of your acquaintances are up to. All full moons are a powerful time for release, but an eclipse is even more potent—under this Capricorn eclipse, visualize all parts of your life that you want to release being flushed down a massive cosmic toilet.

Venus opposes Saturn on July 17 and connects with Neptune on July 18, and the mood is as complicated as you are: lonely yet crowded, mundane yet dreamy. If you're confused about what you want at this point, don't judge yourself. You might experience strong highs and lows at this time as Venus's opposition to Saturn creates an atmosphere of rejection while Venus's connection to Neptune is wholly empathetic. Work with this conflicting energy by being clear and strong in your boundaries, while also trying new things and being open to the idea that magic can take place anywhere. Retrograde Mercury re-enters Cancer on July 19, finding you running into hookups and creative collaborators from your past—watch out for jealousy, obsession, and possessive behavior as Venus opposes Pluto on July 21. Expect a lot of drama to be stirred up in your social life at this moment. The sun meets Mercury retrograde also on July 21, bringing you an important perspective to consider, specifically in the realm of romance and creativity.

  • Tap into the creative and transformative energy of the month by making a vision board, deciding what you want to move toward and what you need to leave behind.
  • If you come face-to-face with someone from the past who should be left there, check out this book for some clarity on breakups.
  • If you’re feeling inspired to pursue new goals, this is a great time to get creative and map out your next moves with a passion planner.

The energy shifts as the sun enters fire sign Leo on July 22, illuminating the sector of your chart that rules your daily routines and rituals and inspiring you to focus on ways you can make your everyday life more organized and healthy. It's a great time to commit to kicking a bad habit. If you met someone you're into this month, Leo season will show you how reliable they are when they say they'll call.

The energy is social and you're running into people from your past as Mercury retrograde meets Venus on July 24. Mars connects with Jupiter in Sagittarius on July 25, creating a busy and productive energy in your career—it's a fantastic day to go after your goals, luck is in the air! Venus enters glamorous Leo on July 27, encouraging you to enjoy a spa day. In your love life, learning how responsible your partners are will be a major theme of Venus's time in Leo, the sign of royalty that knows how it likes to be treated! Watch out for surprising news and changes in plans as the sun squares Uranus on July 29. The new moon in Leo lands on July 31, a fantastic time to create a to-do list of the accomplishments you want to achieve in the next year and to commit to any wellness journeys you're eager to embark on. July 31 also sees the end of Mercury retrograde—finally, conversations are moving forward! Good luck this month, Pisces, and see you in August!