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Monthly Horoscope: Taurus, July 2019

Welcome to Cancer season, dear Taurus!
June 30, 2019, 10:28pm

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Cancer season finds the sun brightly illuminating the sector of your chart that rules communication, and you're busy running around your neighborhood, checking in with friends, sharing ideas, and gossiping. Cancer is a highly psychic sign, and this is a magnificent time for you to develop your intuitive skills, so make time for meditation and journaling.

You'll also be busy at home this month as Mars enters Leo on July 1, finding you problem-solving and taking action in issues concerning home and family. You're in a more defensive mood than usual—this is a great time to channel some energy through martial arts or physical activity! You're famous for being one of the laziest, most luxurious, sensual signs in the zodiac, but once you get moving, you love it! Just pace yourself—there are two eclipses this month, and eclipses are exhausting, emotionally and physically.


The first eclipse arrives on July 2 in Cancer and you're receiving some unexpected news that will forever alter the way you see things. A shift in your thinking pattern is here, which may be a great thing, but you're also mentally exhausted. Limit screen time and take other actions that help your mind slow down and rest. Don't expect to have all the answers immediately—things are still unfolding and power structures at changing. Stay present and do what you can with the information you have.

Your ruling planet Venus enters Cancer on July 3, bringing messages of love and blessings to the sector of your chart. As Venus spends time in Cancer, you're appreciating the intuitive and intellectual connection you share with your partners—you want to be around people who make you laugh! You might be texting more than usual now, too, but communication planet Mercury begins its in Leo on July 7, so watch out for miscommunications and delays. It also brings up memories from long ago, and finds you running into people from your past. Mercury retrograde is a lovely time to slow down, and you're going to want to spend more time at home. Watch out for traffic as you travel, and remember that Mercury rules commerce in addition to communication, so avoid making big purchases or signing contracts.


On July 8, Venus connects with Uranus in Taurus, bringing unexpected thrills. Surprises come your way and you are in the mood to experiment—you want your space and freedom, but you're also in the mood to flirt! Also on July 8, watch out for a competitive energy as Mercury retrograde meets Mars in Leo, and keep an eye on obstacles in communication on July 9 as the sun opposes Saturn in Capricorn. Be smart and mature about communication at this time! A more flexible energy flows as the sun connects with Neptune on July 11, which will also be lovely time to network and share ideas as inspiration flows! Mars squares off with Uranus on July 11, and you surprise people with the actions you take. You don't want to be tied down anymore, and this isn't a great time to plan commitments—you want to be free and you're feeling rebellious. Watch out for power struggles as the sun opposes Pluto in Capricorn on July 14 and egos clash. This is a powerful time for transformation as you look head-on into your shadow self—or, sneaky, shady energy will flow if you decide to get caught up in a power struggle.

The lunar eclipse in Capricorn arrives on July 16, and a big revelation is made. Your beliefs are being challenged, your faith tested. You may have had faith in the wrong things entirely, and if that's the case, this eclipse will swoop in to place you on the right path—eclipses are all about destiny, and they want you to reach yours, even if the process is shocking or exhausting. If you're in school, a big change in your education plans may take place. If you're living abroad, a powerful transformation may also arrive. A critical climax arrives in a conversation that's been brewing!


  • Turquoise can help with miscommunications that may arise, and wearing it is even more fun.
  • Getting into fun, intellectual convos with your partners? Carry a clear quartz with you in this intention necklace to let open communication flow.
  • Tempted to make a big purchase? Maybe a primer on how to manage your personal finances will help you figure out the right move.
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Venus opposes Saturn on July 17, finding you facing blocks in communication—what's important to you doesn't seem to be important to others. Be smart about what you share or ask for on this day as you may get a cold reaction. Things flow more easily as Venus connects with Neptune on July 18, and this is an especially lovely time to connect with people and share ideas. Mercury re-enters Cancer on July 19, which will make communication even trickier than it's been all month! Be careful not to misplace valuable items; but something you previously lost may finally be found, too.

July 21 is another difficult day this month as Venus opposes Pluto, stirring up jealousy and obsession and finding you facing some tricky conversations. Watch out for manipulators—if someone is trying too hard to change your mind about something, count that as a red flag. That said, a very important perspective will also arrive on this day as the sun meets Mercury retrograde and a breakthrough arrives.

Leo season begins on July 22, putting you in a nostalgic mood—this is a lovely time to reconnect with your past, honor your ancestors, and energetically cleanse your home. Emotionally, this is an important time to reflect on your needs concerning privacy, protection, and security. Harness Leo's proud lion energy to stand firm in your boundaries. Invite your family, blood or chosen, over for a cozy dinner—you're craving quality time as Mercury retrograde meets Venus on July 24, finding you reconnecting with people and in the mood to socialize.

Mars connects with Jupiter in Sagittarius on July 25—Mars does things hard and fast, and Jupiter amplifies whatever it touches. What will this mean for you? You're blasting through an emotionally charged issue that you might have been dragging your feet toward or unsure about how to address. Express yourself, dear Taurus! Movement is necessary, and the energy needs to get flowing. As a stubborn Taurus, you can stay stuck on an issue for a while, but this has been going on long enough, and it's time to clear the energy. The mood is feisty and competitive, but also optimistic. This is either a fun or too over-the-top day—only one way to find out! It might bring you the joie de vivre you've needed to snap out of what's been dragging you down.

  • Cleansing the energy in your home is a wonderful way to reground yourself in your most private space.
  • This candle will help you clear unwanted negative energy when the planets call for starting over with a clean slate.
  • If you want to be close to your partner, but don’t want to go out, a set of fun, sexy—but super comfortable—loungewear may be perfect for the ultimate date night in.

Venus enters Leo on July 27, inspiring you to beautify your home and finding you especially appreciative of the closeness you share with your partners—you're in the mood to snuggle! Watch out for shakes-ups at home as the sun squares Uranus on July 29, though this could bring just the breakthrough you need! You never know with Uranus, the wild card of the zodiac. Either way, the month wraps up with the new moon in Leo beginning a new cycle in your personal life, particularly concerning home and family. New moons are new beginnings, and you may be moving or renovating your space at this time. Thankfully, this day also marks the end of Mercury retrograde, so conversations will finally begin moving forward, too. Good luck this month, Taurus, and see you in August!