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Watch Miles Brown’s Gothy Video Then Go Write a Terse Letter to a Newspaper

Brown's recent performance in Hobart upset the Tasmanian version of 'old man yells at cloud'.

Miles Brown is really good at playing the theremin. He's also really good at pissing off old Tasmanians at Dark MOFO.

One guy was so upset about Brown's performance at the annual Hobart winter music and arts festival, that he took to writing to local newspaper The Mercury. Gerry McGushin only lasted 30-minutes at Brown's show as apparently, projections of naked people and that Miles looked like "Marlon Brando in Apocalypse Now", was his absolute limit.


The show ruffled enough feathers to also get Miles featured in an eight-minute video uncovering how Tasmanian churches were aiding satanic activity.

But if the performance was anything like the video for "Feeder", a track from Brown's Séance Fiction album, they may have a point. Directed by Agostino Soldati, it's spooky as shit, but Miles sure knows his way around a theremin, or as Gerry calls it, "his no touch thingy-ma-bob".

"Séance Fiction" is available though Death Waltz Originals / Mondo / It Records.

Catch Miles performing at these shows:
Aug 18 - Melbourne at Night Light (Scienceworks)
Sep 9 - Melbourne at Laser Highway

Image: Annette Geneva

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