Moses Sumney Makes Folk-Jazz Fusion Sound Natural and Rad on "Quarrel"

The new seven-minute track will melt your brain and force you to drink it like a milkshake. Thank us later.
August 11, 2017, 5:11pm

Californian indie folk sculptor Moses Sumney is gearing up for his debut album Aromanticism, which is out on September 22. We've already heard "Doomed," and now we have a brand new song called "Quarrel" for our listening pleasure. Or displeasure, if you're a musician and have to contend with the fact that Sumney is a wizard who wields disparate genres like spells.

Indeed, "Quarrel" makes the most of its near seven-minute length and traverses electronic burbles, yawning cellos, and a jazz-fusion outro complete with synth solo. You'll probably feel like you aged a year after listening to this song, which is fine, because you'll be wiser. Not wise enough to comprehend the musical alchemy Sumney has achieved here, but wiser nonetheless. Listen to "Quarrel" above.