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Turn Your Office into 'The Office' with This Incredible Prop Auction

Including a pair of Dwight Schrute's nunchucks.
Office photo by Paul Drinkwater/NBCU Photo Bank. Desk image via ScreenBid.

No TV show is as endlessly rewatchable as The Office. You can dive into any episode for the hundredth time, knowing every plot beat by heart, and still enjoy it more than 85 percent of anything else on television. For whatever reason, the decade-old mockumentary series about a middling Rust Belt paper company has become the sitcom equivalent of a warm blanket on a cold night. But now, thanks to a new auction, you can do more than just rewatch old Office episodes—you can actually own a piece of them.


Last weekend, ScreenBid launched a massive online auction selling off props from around the Office set, including the giant Dunder-Mifflin sign itself. And, If you've ever wanted to defend your own office from angry ex-boyfriends, now's your chance to score a pair of Dwight Schrute's nunchucks.

The extensive auction is selling off a total of 500 different Office props, from the Band-Aids that Andy wore on his chafing nipples during the Fun Run to the glass door from the Dunder-Mifflin Scranton branch, suite 200 and more. You can even buy Pam's actual Dunder-Mifflin reception desk or the table and chairs from the conference room, in case you want to join the Party Planning Committee.

Some other great props for sale are a framed photo of Mose, Angela's stuffed cat that she kept on her desk, and Dwight's stapler—though the $125 asking price is a little more than whatever it cost for him to get it out of the vending machine. There's also an endless amount of incredible Creed Bratton memorabilia, too.

Finally, there are a couple incredible pieces from "The Dinner Party," arguably the best Office episode ever—Jan's awful pop art canvas and Michael's St. Pauli Girl neon sign. Michael's plasma TV isn't for sale, though, sadly.

The auction will continue for the next week and a half, with the whole thing wrapping up on Friday, October 5, so get your bids in now before everyone starts fighting for Phyllis's orange umbrella or whatever. The Office reboot may never actually come to fruition, but at least now you can stock up on old props while you wait—or just watch season five again and cry over Jim and Pam's engagement one more time.

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