Video Shows Woman Getting Run Over by a Police Horse During Homecoming

It’s just the latest incident of horse-on-human violence to hit a Canadian campus.
Manisha Krishnan
Toronto, CA
September 17, 2018, 3:42pm
A woman was clipped by a horse during McMaster University homecoming celebrations. Screenshots via Twitter

Of all the rowdy things that can go wrong during homecoming, getting run down by a horse isn’t usually top of mind. But that’s what happened to a Hamilton woman who was kicked to the ground by a police horse in Hamilton Saturday while celebrating McMaster University's homecoming.

Video of the incident shows two police officers on horseback walking through a crowd in the Westdale area Saturday. A woman in the crowd grabs her head as she appears to get kicked by one of the horses. Then she’s on the ground as the horse hops over her. Afterwards, several officers walk past her casually, as members in the crowd rush to see if she’s OK.

Hamilton police spokesperson Jackie Penman told CBC News the crowd was told to make way for the mounted cops, but the woman didn’t move in time, so she “came in contact with the horse.”

"Then both officers you see in the video stopped and sat with her until paramedics arrived."

She said the woman was not seriously injured.

This isn’t the first time a homecoming party in Canada has resulted in horse-on-human contact. A woman who slapped a horse during a Queen’s University homecoming party in 2016 was also kicked to the ground.

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