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Nef The Pharaoh Says His Son Makes Him a Better Rapper

Tune into episode 162 this Sunday at 11 AM EST/8AM PST and 11 PM EST/8 PM PST when Danny Ocean and J $tash join Noisey Radio on Beats 1.

This week on Noisey Radio, The Bay's own Nef The Pharaoh is in the house to discuss his brand new project, The Big Chang Theory. Then, producer and songwriter Danny Ocean takes us inside the sweeping wave of the Latin-influenced pop music. Plus, fashion icon and rapper J $tash brings us some new tunes.

Listen here at 11 AM EST/8AM PST and 11 PM EST/8 PM PST.

Intro Mix
Lil Gotit - "Loco"
Mac Miller - "Nikes on my Feet"
Mac Miller - "Hurt Feelings"


Nef The Pharaoh

Nef The Pharoah
Nef The Pharoah - "86" feat. Cuban Doll, ALLBLACK
Nef The Pharoah - "Tokyo Driftin" feat. Raymond McMahon
Nef The Pharaoh - "That Was God" feat. Jay Brown, Lesia Brown

Danny Ocean

Danny Ocean
Danny Ocean - "Vuelve"
Danny Ocean - "Epa Wei"
Danny Ocean - "Me Rehuso"
Danny Ocean - "Dembow"

J $tash

J $tash
J $tash - "Nigo 2"
J $tash - "GF"
J $tash - "Guerillas 2" ft. Kenny Turnup, Teddy Blow