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Billy Corgan Played a Rare Smashing Pumpkins Deep Cut on a Livestream

It's the first live performance of the the Pumpkins' "Sweet Sweet" since 1994.

Smashing Pumpkins' Siamese Dream is one of the best rock albums ever, a perfect melding of commercial smarts with uninhibited, grandiose ambition. It's Billy Corgan's masterwork, and it kinda sucks that he spent the latter part of the 00s distancing himself from it and his other 90s work by never playing it live. Given the sometimes rarity of these songs, it's nice when Corgan throws a bone to longtime fans of his, like he did recently by performing Siamese Dream album track "Sweet Sweet" during a live Facebook stream from the tea shop that he owns in Chicago.


As Stereogum points out, the song hasn't been performed since 1994. It's an actually endearing solo piano performance, as Corgan has to read the lyrics to the very brief piece of music off an iPad. It's not a momentous occurrence by any means, but it's a nice treat for hardcore fans of the Pumpkins. You can watch it below.

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