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Two Suspects Arrested After Shooting of Five Black Lives Matter Protesters in Minneapolis

Black Lives Matter Minneapolis said the protesters were attacked by "white supremacists" in an act of "domestic terrorism."
Photo by Craig Lassig/Reuters

Police have arrested two suspects in connection with a shooting that injured five Black Lives Matter protesters late Monday night in Minneapolis. A 23-year old white man was arrested at around 11:20am local time in Bloomington, a Minneapolis suburb, and a 32-year-old Hispanic man was arrested about 45 minutes later in south Minneapolis.

Minneapolis police have not yet released the names of the suspects, and declined to say whether they were looking for additional suspects, according to Reuters. Police have not confirmed whether the shooting was related to the protest.


The five victims were part of an ongoing protest sparked by the police shooting of 24-year-old Jamar Clark on November 15. Witnesses have said Clark was handcuffed when he was shot, and the demonstrators, who have been camped out for more than a week, have called for police to release video footage of the incident.

The shooting on Monday happened at about 10:45pm, just a block away from the police station where the protests were taking place, police said.

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Miski Noor, a representative from Black Lives Matter Minneapolis, said that four men wearing masks approached the protest site and had refused to identify themselves. When a small group of demonstrators tried to herd them away, the men opened fire. No one was fatally injured, and the wounded are currently being treated.

Black Lives Matter Minneapolis said in a Facebook post Monday night that "white supremacists" attacked protesters in an act of "domestic terrorism."

Minneapolis Mayor Besty Hodges condemned the attacks, calling the shooting "abhorrent."

"As I said before, we are sparing no efforts to bring any and all those responsible to justice," Hodges said after the arrests on Tuesday.

Kyle Loven, spokesman for the FBI's Minneapolis Division, said that the FBI was aware of the incident and was working with local authorities to determine if federal action should be taken. He did not say whether the FBI would investigate the shooting as a hate crime.

Black Lives Matter Minneapolis put out a call for supplies on its Facebook page on Tuesday, saying that protesters needed warm food, hats, and firewood. "We will not be intimidated," the group wrote.

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