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America's Election 2016: South Carolina's Black Vote

VICE News travels to South Carolina ahead of the Democratic primary to unpack the stereotypes associated with the "black vote."

Hillary Clinton is expected to win the South Carolina primary on Saturday, and she's going to rely on the state's large African-American population to get her there. But after decades of building up relationships with the black community particularly in the south, her rival Bernie Sanders and his supporters are starting to question her record of working to help African-Americans.

The question for black voters both in South Carolina and across the country, is whether to again support the family they've long known or to take a chance on the one that, in many cases, they don't know at all.


VICE News traveled across South Carolina, talking to African-American voters about their relationship with the Clintons and to see whether Sanders' appeal, particularly among young people, is making any headway in these communities.

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