Gemini, May 2018


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Gemini, May 2018

Gemini season is almost here!
illustrated by Nicole Ginelli

Dear Gemini, you are nothing if not flexible, adaptive, and agile. You can do anything, bullshit anyone, pull all the strings, and connect with all the VIPs. But that doesn’t mean you’re immune to the stress of interpersonal conflict, or that motivating yourself to deal with confrontations isn’t difficult for you. You’re only human… there might be two of you, but you’re still only human. As a culture, we value individuation and self-reliance. But there’s a reason why we are social people — you’ve never doubted this, Gemini; as an air sign, community is very important to you. A Gemini without their pack, posse, or crew is lost indeed.


There are two tough days this month, on which I want you to rally your friends and the supporters who lift you up: May 7, when your ruling planet Mercury clashes with Pluto, and May 12, when Mercury clashes with Mars. Pluto rules death (and rebirth), and Mars rules war and endings (and passion, too). Expect tension to be in the air during these days — difficult conversations about endings will take place. Watch out for jealousy and obsession, and don’t try to do things alone in situations where a mediator or helping hand could save you a lot of grief.

Sometimes we want a relationship to be something it just can’t be, to go someplace it can’t go, or to have depth when it can only ever be a shallow pool of memes and emojis. Now is the time to cut off these partnerships, or at least let them evolve into something new. You’re adaptable, Gemini, so don’t cling on to something that isn’t working.

Your planetary ruler Mercury meets wild Uranus, and then enters Taurus, on May 13. Exciting meetings will take place — some eccentric people will likely come your way. Brilliant ideas for future plans will arrive. You’ll have a burst of fun due to Uranus’ influence, before entering a quieter, more reflective period — one that’s perfect for meditation or journaling — as Mercury transits grounded Earth sign Taurus.

One of the biggest shifts this month occurs on May 15: There’s a new moon in Taurus, and Uranus enters Taurus, too. Astrologers call Uranus the “higher octave” of Mercury (your ruling planet), due to its genius, inventive nature. Uranus is a rebel, a planet of freedom and revolution and electricity. It possesses a very exciting energy, bringing surprises wherever it goes. As Uranus enters Taurus — which, let’s be real, is a lazy sign — you may find that you have a hard time sleeping, or that you have wild dreams. This is a crucial time to start keeping a dream journal. Start going to bed earlier, and stop using screens earlier in the evening, if possible. (Uranus rules technology, and it’s a good idea to have a good relationship with your devices if you want this planet to be on your side.) Genius, intuitive flashes will come your way — this is a major time to up your psychic development.


Gemini season begins on May 20. It’s time to refocus on yourself and your goals: to put yourself out there, to be proud of your accomplishments, and to get attention for the successes you’ve enjoyed.

New moons bring new beginnings, and with this one in Taurus, it’s time to commit to taking better care of your mental health, as well as to give yourself more time for rest, meditation, and time alone. It’s time to tap into your spiritual side, too, and to explore the parts of yourself that you hide from the world — or even from yourself. A spiritual awakening is here, if you’re ready for it.

Mars enters fellow air sign Aquarius on May 16, pushing you to embark on the adventures you were too exhausted or distracted to go on during the last few (very intense) weeks. You’ve been dealing a lot with complicated emotional and psychological stuff — everything from your intimacy in relationships to serious financial issues — and now you’re ready to escape to a beach with a fantastic book. You want to expand your mind, to encounter new places, people, and ideas. If you’re in school or thinking about going back to school, expect a boost in energy. Ditto if you are trying to publish or spread the word about something. Mars clashes with Uranus the day it enters Aquarius — May 16 — so expect sparks. Follow your intuition and enjoy the surprises that come your way. The universe is setting you free from the overwhelming issues you’ve been working on; an escape is here! Just be sure to do it mindfully and healthily, not destructively.


Your ruling planet Mercury connects with Saturn, the planet of structure and boundaries, on May 18. This is a great time to talk about commitments and plans. You’re a logical person, but your intuition isn’t too shabby either. Listen to your body: If thinking about a project is giving you a headache, perhaps that’s a sign that it’s not the right thing for you to be focusing on? Of course, I’m not suggesting you forget about your responsibilities — taskmaster Saturn would never want you to do that — but if you have a choice, listen to your body when it’s telling you that you’re stressed out.

Venus enters Cancer on May 19, lighting up the financial sector of your chart and making you feel confident and cute about your talents and abilities. This is definitely a fun time to go shopping and spoil yourself! Sweet Venus mingles with Uranus on the same day, bringing an extra boost of excitement and the unexpected.

Cancer is a sign that’s very concerned with protection; while Venus is in this water sign, reflect on how you can nurture and protect your assets. Questions to ask yourself include: How can I nurture my self-esteem? Do I feel confident asking for a raise? Are my friends and family demanding too much time and energy from me, and how can I shift the dynamic so there’s more of a sense of equal give-and-take between us? Venus in Cancer flirts by preparing a delicious, home-cooked meal and seductively feeding it to their partner. You have a lot to offer, Gemini. Whom do you want to give it to? Who deserves your home-cooked meals?


Gemini season begins on May 20 — happy solar return, little twins! It’s time to refocus on yourself and your goals: to put yourself out there, to be proud of your accomplishments, and to get attention for the successes you’ve enjoyed since the last time the Sun was shining in your sign. It’s time to celebrate life!

Jupiter will connect with Neptune on May 25, which will be especially uplifting. A creative, imaginative, and even spiritual vibe will be in the air. Lucky energy will also flow around work, gigs, or your reputation. A caveat: Jupiter believes that bigger is better (it never understood the saying “more is less”), and Neptune never met an intoxicating substance it didn’t like, so try not to get too drunk in celebration during this time — it will be easy to go overboard. It could be hard to know your limit at this time, as Jupiter, the planet of expansion, can make us overly confident, and Neptune’s fog blurs whatever it touches.

I know it can be hard to keep yourself from having too much fun, but please note: Venus will oppose Saturn on May 26, so you can expect to contend with a horrible hangover, guilt from spending too much money, or a rejection from someone who thinks you haven’t behaved maturely enough. Stay on top of your shit, and use Venus’s opposition to Saturn the best way you can: by doing things like paying off debts or connecting with a mentor. The mood will swing from fun and whimsical to modest real quick during May 25 and 26!

The full moon in Sagittarius arrives on May 29, and Mercury also enters your sign on this day. Full moons are times of release, and when one occurs in loudmouth fire sign Sagittarius, you know the load is going to be a big one. This will be a powerful time for your relationships. It’ll be an important time for letting go, too. Compromise will be key — and so will good listening skills, because so much talk is going to be going on. People will be making announcements, secrets will be revealed, and some gossip might be exposed. While Mercury’s in your sign, it will help boost your mental acuity and communication skills, and while your partners are going to have plenty to get off their chest, so will you. Make sure you both hear each other out today — try not to interrupt!

Good luck this month, Gemini, and see you in June!