Australian DJs Were Sharing Explicit Photos of Women in Dudes-Only Facebook Group

The group was used by musicians and industry insiders to share sexually explicit photos and videos of women.
February 27, 2018, 1:16am

The ABC’s Signal podcast has uncovered a private Facebook group that was being used by local dance musicians and industry insiders to non-consensually share photos and videos of women. The male-only group, named ‘Tracks and Snatch’, was active for four years.

Phoebe Loomes, the freelance reporter who first investigated the group, was privy to much of its content before it was shut down. “It’s all photos without these girls’ permission,” she told Signal. “It was upskirts in clubs, girls passed out in clubs, girls passed out in bed after intercourse.”

Two former members of the group went on record to speak to Signal, with one member describing its content as “softcore porn.” Another, DJ and singer Rowan Dix, said that the group was “equal parts producers and music-makers from around the country sharing tracks that they’d made to other DJs but then also photos of women.”

This investigation comes less than three months after 400 women in the Australian music industry signed an open letter condemning sexual harassment and misogyny in the music.

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