Adam Rippon On Winter Olympics Performance: 'I Can't Explain Witchcraft'

Rippon has stolen the show at PyeongChang 2018—on the ice, and off it.
Photo by Geoff Burke—USA TODAY Sports

Adam Rippon, the heaven-sent, first American figure skater to be openly gay while competing in the Olympics has been sashaying his way through interviews in Pyeongchang like he would one of his "trashy club mix" routines. It's really hard to choose a winning quotation from a long list of things he's already said. But last night would have been enough for us all.

First of all, let's talk about what he did last night, because it was pretty incredible. The man might not be a favorite—he's reticent to try anything with the word "quadruple" in it—but he has nearly flawless execution on every one of the moves he does, and he certainly knows it. Here's his bold, honest pre-skate interview:


OK, fine. Even he knows he's not known for his short performance, but for a while, he led the group before eventually taking seventh place. Here's what the routine looked like:

And then afterward, when NBC's Andrea Joyce asked Rippon to take the audience through his breath-taking performance, he started off by saying, "I was nervous as hell." And then he went ahead and decided to take a loving poke at NBC's Andrea Joyce:

Genius. OK, so she wasn't really having it, as she tried to usher the thing along by saying, "Ok, ok, so let's move forward a little bit." But that's when she asked him to explain how he does it all at the (relatively) old age of 28. Of course, he answered like any good Wiccan:

God bless this man. (Or whoever the Witch goddess is.)

Oh, and if you thought that was the first time Adam had invoked witchcraft while having some fun with Andrea, think again:

This man is the reason why the Winter Olympics should simply be year-round.