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Daily Horoscope: December 07, 2016

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December 7, 2016, 8:00am
Illustration by Nicole Ginelli

The Moon in Pisces is super busy this morning! It clashes with the Sun in Sagittarius at 4:03 AM—are you heading in the right direction? Then it connects with power planet Pluto at 4:50 AM, and then challenges the planet of structure, Saturn, at 9:05 AM: Conversations about how we fit into our communities and how we're seen by the world will arise. Love and money planet Venus enters intellectual Air sign Aquarius at 9:51 AM. Read your horoscope below to see how this will affect you!

All times EST.


You're in the mood to socialize now that Venus is in friendly Air sign Aquarius! But maybe nap a bit more first. The Moon is in Pisces, encouraging you to rest up and sleep. Take time alone today to reflect on your hopes and dreams for the future.


Your ruling planet, Venus, enters intellectual Air sign Aquarius today, lighting up the career and popularity sector of your chart. Expect blessings to come your way concerning your reputation and your professional goals.


Venus enters fellow Air sign Aquarius today, inspiring you to travel, take a class, or just break out of your everyday life. Good news from faraway places is coming your way, Gemini.


Venus enters Aquarius today and lights up a very sensitive, intimate sector of your chart. Aquarius isn't afraid to experiment, and now that sexy Venus is in this sign, you'll be eager to connect with you partners in new, even unusual, ways.


Good vibes are heading your way in your relationships! This is thanks to Venus entering Aquarius today and lighting up the partnership sector of your chart. Everyone wants to get along.


Venus enters Aquarius today and lights up what seems to be a very mundane sector of your chart; however, having sweet Venus bring blessings to your everyday life will bring good news. This is also great time to hit the spa or revamp your wardrobe.


Your ruling planet, Venus, enters fellow Air sign Aquarius today! This is wonderful news—you'll enjoy a boost in creativity, and the vibe will be fun and romantic. Venus in Aquarius will bring some celebrations your way.


Venus in Aquarius is activating a very personal, emotional sector of your chart. You can be defensive (I mean, you do have a stinger, Scorpio), but security and stability are even more important to you now that Venus is in Aquarius.


As one of the loudest signs in the zodiac, communication is important to you. Charming Venus enters intellectual Aquarius today, bringing harmonious vibes around communication, as well as some good news.


Venus is famous for being the planet of love, but it also rules money. Venus enters Aquarius today, lighting up the financial sector of your chart and making this a doubly exciting, beneficial time for you around cash, valuables, and feeling secure.


Venus enters your sign today, Aquarius! Venus is the planet of love, peace, beauty, and money—basically, everything good. Venus in your sign will bless you with extra charm. After you're done flirting with people, take time to consider what's valuable to you.


You're one of the most intuitive signs in the zodiac, and you'll want to trust your gut even more than usual, especially when it comes to to love and money, now that Venus is in Aquarius, lighting up a very psychic sector of your chart. Expect to feel more private about these issues, too.

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