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Daily Horoscope: September 27, 2016

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Illustration by Nicole Ginelli

Mars enters Capricorn at 4:08 AM, creating a hardworking (and hard-partying) energy over the next few weeks! The Moon mingles with Uranus in Aries at 4:52 AM, bringing surprises early this morning. Later, it enters Earth sign Virgo at 5:43 PM and connects with Mars at 6:27 PM, helping us vent our frustrations in a productive way. All times EST.


The Moon enters Virgo today, activating the sector of your chart that rules routine and ritual: Reflect on your daily habits today. You're in business mode now that Mars is in hardworking Capricorn: Career and reputation are big themes for you!


Mars enters fellow Earth sign Capricorn today, aiding you in achieving your goals. If you're traveling abroad, in school, or working on publishing something, this will really light the fire under your butt.


The Moon enters Virgo today, putting your focus on your home and family. The energy today is emotional, and your feelings will guide your actions. Do your best to be kind. Mars enters straightforward Capricorn today, and you're done with the BS.


Things are beginning to really heat up in your relationships, thanks to fiery Mars entering Capricorn and lighting up the partnership sector of your chart. Communication today is clear, thanks to the Moon in analytical Virgo.


The Moon enters Virgo today, lighting up the financial sector of your chart. Make time to reflect on your spending habits—but also spoil yourself a little. Everything in balance! Mars enters Capricorn today, putting you in a productive mood.


The Moon enters your sign today, Virgo! Trust your intuition and don't repress your feelings—your emotions are there to guide you, not torture you. Passionate Mars enters lusty Capricorn today, bringing some devilish fun your way.


You're so open and friendly, but there are times that you must focus on your private life and not be available to help everyone else. Warrior Mars enters Capricorn today, helping you create better boundaries and encouraging you to establish a more secure home or private life.


You're not the friendliest sign in the zodiac (you do have a stinger), but today you're in a social mood, thanks to the Moon entering Virgo. Mars enters Capricorn today, which will bring a lot of news and conversation your way.


The Moon enters Virgo today and activates the fame and fortune sector of your chart. This is just in time for Mars to enter Capricorn, which will encourage you to get super organized and wrap up a ton of projects.


Warrior planet Mars enters your sign today! You're unstoppable now with Mars's strength on your side. People will find you extra intimidating, which I'm sure will delight you.


The planet of passion and war, Mars, enters grounded Earth sign Capricorn. Now is a fantastic time for you to reflect on how you can better conserve your energy. What really deserves your effort? What should you relax about? Be smart about how you spend your time and resources.


The Moon enters Virgo today and lights up the relationship sector of your chart! You're very intuitive, Pisces, and today your skills will come in handy. Mars enters Capricorn today, energizing you to connect with others.

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