Man Arrested with Grenade Launcher, Over a Dozen Firearms, and White Supremacist Propaganda

Police were originally responding to the scene of a car accident.
Joseph Rubino mugshot via New Jersey State Police

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When New Jersey State Police responded to the scene of a car accident in late June, they discovered three firearms inside the driver’s vehicle, plus ammo, high-capacity magazines, a baseball bat, a wooden club, and brass knuckles.

Police then obtained a warrant to search 57-year-old Joseph Rubino’s home in Sussex County, part of the New York metropolitan area.


From there, officers found an even larger arsenal: 14 firearms, a grenade launcher, a ballistic vest, and various firearm parts. They also uncovered a stash of white supremacist literature, including a document titled “N----r Owner’s Manual” and clothing and bumper stickers adorned with “SS Bolts,” a neo-Nazi symbol.

They also discovered large quantities of methamphetamine and three kilograms of weed.

Prosecutors charged Rubino on Aug. 9 with intent to distribute methamphetamine, possession of firearms in furtherance of a drug-trafficking crime, and possession of firearms by a convicted felon, according to the federal complaint filed earlier this month. If convicted, Rubino faces life in prison for drug trafficking, the most serious charge.

Rubino had a previous felony conviction from 1999 for writing bad checks, a crime punishable by one year in prison or longer. Under federal law, anyone convicted of a crime that carries a sentence of prison for at least one year cannot purchase guns or ammo across state lines.

Cover image: New Jersey State Police