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Man Who Fly-Kicked a Balinese Scooter Driver Says He Had ‘More Than 10 Bottles of Vodka’

The 26-year-old Australian says he doesn't remember anything about his drunken rampage, during which he threw himself in front of a car and broke into a man's home.
Gavin Butler
Melbourne, AU
Nicholas Carr
Image via YouTube/KOMPASTV (L) and Instagram user @denpasar_info (R)

An Australian tourist who went on an inebriated rampage in Bali—fly-kicking a man off a moving scooter and throwing himself into an oncoming car—has apologised for his actions, claiming he’d consumed more than 10 bottles of vodka and was “very drunk” at the time.

Footage emerged over the weekend of Nicholas Carr, an apprentice builder from Adelaide, running down a street in Kuta during the early hours of Saturday morning. The video shows the 26-year-old launching a flying kick at a motorcyclist, causing him to crash, before throwing himself over the top of a moving car and being chased down the street by locals. He was eventually caught and apprehended, before being taken to Kuta Police headquarters and in turn the local hospital.


The motorcyclist—a local man named I Wayan Wirawan—suffered injuries including bruises, cuts, and abrasions as a result of the attack, according to Fairfax, while Carr suffered cuts and bruises and required stitches in his right arm.

Speaking from inside his cell at Kuta Police Station in the aftermath of the incident, Carr told 9 News reporters “I was very drunk… I don’t remember anything at all. And I just want to apologise to everyone: [to] victims, to Bali people, to anyone affected by this at all.” He claims the last thing he remembers is crashing a scooter, which police believe he must have hijacked earlier in the night.

When asked about reports that he drank 10 bottles of vodka before the incident, Carr responded that it was “more than 10—and cocktails.” Kuta Police Chief Teuku Ricki Fadlianshah said Carr in fact admitted to consuming as many as 20 small bottles of vodka prior to his rampage.

Accounts from police and multiple witnesses have also shed some light on Carr’s activities after the video ends. He allegedly broke his way into a convenience store by smashing a glass window, stealing the store clerk’s phone, before breaking the window of a nearby restaurant. It’s alleged that he then entered the house of a local man, whom he assaulted—injuring the man’s arm and leg and locking himself inside—before leaving the house through a window.

Carr was eventually detained by locals, police, and security guards outside the Villa Catalina hotel. He now faces charges for destruction of property, violence, and battery—each carrying a maximum sentence of two years and eight months in jail. He has promised to compensate the victims.

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