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Play the Tiniest Version of 'Tetris' on a Soldering Iron

Tetris theme song not included.

Between the burnt fingers and the toxic solder fumes, soldering can be drag.

Lucky for you, this programmable soldering iron that plays Tetris makes the act of melting metal onto circuits a bit more joyful.

A minuscule version of Tetris, the classic Cold War-era puzzle game, can be flashed onto a TS100 soldering iron pencil, which under normal circumstances displays the temperature of the hot device on its OLED screen.

From there, the distracted DIY electrician can clear endless rows of tumbling tetrominoes. The control setup looks a little tricky, with only two buttons to both spin and move the blocks. Between the 5.5mm-by-2.5mm screen and the esoteric button combinations, playing Tetris with this tool sounds kind of difficult, even masochistic.

According to the hack's creator Joric's GitHub page, the iron heats up by 10 degrees each time you lose. Since it's nearly impossible to play without touching the smoking hot tip to play, unless you are a Tetris master, your hands will be throbbing before long.

That's pretty outstanding motivation to get back to work.

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