WATCH: The Entire New Episode of KING OF THE ROAD

Enjoi faces off against Deathwish and Creature in the annual cross country skate-crazy shitshow.
July 10, 2017, 1:33am

One of the most sacred events in skateboarding, the annual KING OF THE ROAD contest, is has returned to VICELAND on SKY Channel 13. A cross-country road trip in which three top-tier skate teams compete in challenges on and off their boards, this year's combatants are Deathwish, Creature, and enjoi. The winner gets $50,000, the cover of Thrasher magazine, and maybe a couple broken bones and the chance to drink a friend's pee. On the first episode (embedded above), we meet the teams' pros, ams, and flow riders as they gear up in Albuquerque for the 13-day juggernaut.


The pressure is particularly high this year for enjoi, which has lost a number of key skaters recently. Louie Barletta, a longtime pro for the company, will be leading the charge and hoping that relative newcomers Ben Raemers, Zack Wallin, Jackson Pilz, and flow rider Enzo Cautela can carry the team into a new era.

You can watch KING OF THE ROAD Saturdays, 8.55 PM on VICELAND, SKY Channel 13. Find out exactly how here.