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Trump's Aides Allegedly Add Errors to the President's Tweets for 'Style'

West Wing staff apparently imitates Trump’s voice by adopting grammatical errors and disorderly syntax in his uniquely primitive style.
Photo by Jaap Arriens/NurPhoto via Getty Images.

It's no secret that President Donald Trump's Twitter—an amalgamation of egregious spelling mistakes, terrible grammar, and bizarre exclamation points—is one of the most notorious accounts online. Not only does the president regularly throw shade at other world leaders, he seems to do so with the linguistic skill of an unhinged eight-year-old.

But it turns out Trump—who once claimed Twitter allowed him to be entirely "honest and unfiltered"—might actually be getting help to sound so bananas. According to the Boston Globe, White House aides allegedly help draft some of Trump’s tweets in his uniquely primitive style.


Two sources “familiar with the process” told the newspaper West Wing staff imitate Trump’s voice by adopting grammatical errors and disorderly syntax. Officials reportedly present Trump with “three or four sample tweets” and allow him to choose one. Apparently they believe poorly constructed sentences connect best with his authenticity-seeking supporters.

The final process could look a little like the tweet the president's account blasted out over the weekend about the Mueller probe. One that, according to the Twitter bot @TrumpOrNotBot that analyzes how the tweet might have originated, only had a 49 percent chance of actually being something Trump would write.

If the @realDonaldTrump voice can be so easily faked, it leaves us to wonder: Which of his tweets have been legitimately spontaneous, and which have been carefully planned by his underlings? Remember the time he actually tweeted the word "amoung?" What about when he accused China of an "unpresidented act"? Or the time he said he was "honered" to become the 45th president? And what the hell was "covfefe"?

At the end of the day, it might seem depressing that some White House government employees spend their time thinking up things for the president to say incorrectly, but then again, they're not the office responsible for vetting Trump appointees that goes around "Icing" one another all day long.

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