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The Women of 'My House' Discuss What It's Like to Date While Trans

On this week's episode of "My House," Tati invites her trans girlfriends to discuss tough topics like navigating the dating world and whether to come out at your job.

On an all new episode of My House this week, Tati hosts a lingerie party and invites some of her closest trans girlfriends to celebrate. They tackle some tough conversations over drinks: When the question "would you date a straight man?" is posed to the group, Aubrey quickly responds, "The question is: Will a straight man date us?"

The women discuss the woes of dating and how, because of their specific life experiences, stigma and shame can interfere with their relationships. "After he finds out you’re trans, you automatically become something that he just wants to fantasize about, you're automatically a fantasy—you’re no longer the girl that he thought was the girl of his dreams," Nicki explains.

In this exclusive clip, they discuss how the ability to "pass" as a cis woman can determine job security and livelihood. Davina, even while working in a managerial position, admits that she hides being trans from her co-workers: "I do not tell nobody and I don’t let anybody know, because I feel like they are going to disown me."

Catch more from Tati and her girls as they discuss identity, sex, love, and more on tonight's episode of My House at 10:30 EST on VICELAND.