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Sutherland Springs 'Crisis Actor' Conspiracy Theorist Denied Bail

Robert Ussery was arrested for trespassing and resisting arrest while harassing families of victims of the Sutherland Springs church shooting.
Image: VICE

Baseless “crisis actor” conspiracy theories have risen along with America’s mass shooting epidemic. At one point, the the No. 1 trending spot on YouTube was a crisis actor conspiracy theory video. These conspiracy theorists have come from the fringes of the internet to the forefront of many victims’ lives.

Conspiracy theorist Robert Mikell ‘Side Thorn Journalist’ Ussery, was arrested in March on charges of resisting arrest and trespassing while harassing the families of victims of the Sutherland Springs Church shooting. Ussery was denied bail Wednesday.

Wednesday, a judge in the case agreed with federal prosecutors that Ussery may be a danger to the community, as agents reportedly found 10 guns and nearly 1,000 rounds of ammo at his Lockhart, Texas home according to San Antonio Express News. Ussery was previously granted bail, but was recently arrested on charges of being a felon in possession of a firearm.

As detailed in a VICE documentary earlier this year, Ussery harassed members of the Sutherland Springs community demanding to see birth and death certificates and asking them to undergo lie detector tests, in yet another instance of online conspiracy theories leading to real-world harassment.