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Positive Sign Girl is the Hero We Need Right Now

A Capitals fan is all about making people feel good about themselves. Finally, a leader in Washington who knows what's up.
Screen capture via Twitter/@ianoland

Listen, people. We've spent a lot of time this past year pouring out too much hate. And that's not healthy. Maybe we should just take a step back and recognize that it's OK to be nice every now and then. And maybe put out a sign intended to make people feel good.

Enter: "Positive Sign Girl."

Positive Sign Girl was rocking her super-posi sign at the Washington Capitals game against the Carolina Hurricanes last night, and we're not mad. In fact, we're pleased. We need more positivity in our world and we're hoping she is the one to bring it.

While her real name is Reilly Evans, she is down with being known as Positive Sign Girl. We decided to track down this fountain of good vibes and she told us she crafted the sign while she was on the Metro to the game. “I’m a pretty cynical person, surprisingly," Evans said. "Trash talking is a big part of sports, but I felt like doing something different. Because everyone on the ice—opponent or not—is incredibly talented, really.”

After holding up the sign against the glass, Reilly caught the attention of a couple of Caps players, and Evgeny Kuznetsov slapped a puck her way in appreciation. She described him as "one of my personal favorites." So positivity works, people.

She was also seen holding the same sign exactly one month ago at a Capitals-Colorado Avalanche game, too. So this could be a thing. Please God, let this be a thing. Inject the positivity straight into our veins, Positive Sign Girl.

This woman is rocking positive vibes like she's in a 90's pop music video. Sometimes, instead of trashing people we don't know whose job it is to entertain us, perhaps we should just step back and recognize that truly, they are all talented. Thank you, Positive Sign Girl. Your joy is infectious.