Sorry Folks, That Memo About Pizza-Fucking on Holy Ship Is Fake

A representative for Norwegian Cruise Line says it was "a prank carried out by one of the guests."
Ship photo from 2017's Holy Ship recap video via YouTube / Pizza photo by Milo via Flickr

The floating dance music bacchanal Holy Ship! is currently underway in the Caribbean, and, as usual, there's some wild reports coming back from the cruise liner. New York DJ Kill the Noise tweeted a photo yesterday of an official-looking memo apparently detailing the festival's policy on having sex with pizza.

"Due to incidents on previous sailings in which patrons engaged in uncouth behavior in the cafe, we feel it is our duty to remind our guests that pizza is for eating, not fornicating," the letter read, in part.


Several media outlets including Vanyaland, Pigeons and Planes, UPROXX, and a number of EDM blogs reported Kill the Noise's tweet, but as much as we'd like to believe that Holy Ship! gets this wild, it appears to have been a hoax. A representative for Norwegian Cruise Line, who operate the ship, told Noisey via email that the note was "a prank carried out by one of the guests."

"As soon as the ship’s team discovered the letters, they immediately collected all that they could find," the representative said.

As ever, it's an important reminder to not implicitly trust something you read on Twitter just because a DJ posted it.

In more serious news, Billboard reported over the weekend that more than two dozen people were arrested for drug possession while attempting to board the ship at Florida's Port Canaveral on Saturday January 6. Among those arrested was the DJ Gina Turner, who was charged with three felony counts. She has since denied her charges on Instagram, claiming that it was a "HUGE misunderstanding and we are currently working with a lawyer to resolve it."

Worry not cruisegoers, it appears your pizza is safe for now. Here's hoping it's smooth sailing for the rest of this trip, and the follow-up that goes down from January 10-13.